Ayelet Yekutiel



W~A~V~E~S: Fall, Rise, Ripple and Flow in Movement

Waves travel long distances, possess and preserve energy, fall & rise. Our fluid-filled, organ-full, water-woven body, has marvellous abilities to conduct waves through its curvy-wavy form.

In this workshop, we will dive into our inner ocean and play with our ability to harness, propagate, undulate and wisely channel kinetic energy in movement. All of it, while finding support, efficiency and ease.

This workshop might include:

Dance Improvisation & sequences, Embodiment, Experiential Anatomy & Physiology, Imagination and Touch. Using tools and observations from the Axis Syllabus & Body-Mind Centering®️.

Come surf the dance 🐋
Float, flow & swirl 💦


Ayelet Yekutiel is a Dancer, Choreographer, Movement Researcher, Pedagog and Peace Activist.

She is a graduate of SEAD Academy of Dance (AT), Sampoorna Yoga Teachers Training (IN) and Kelim Choreography Studies (IL). Certified Somatic Movement Educator of Body-Mind Centering®️ and certified Axis Syllabus teacher. Contact Improvisation facilitator.

As performer and collaborator, she has worked with Nitzan Lederman, Daphna Horenczyk, Dafi Altabeb, Marcio Canabarro, Benjamin Vandewalle, Michael Schmid, Khaled Barghouthi, Alain Platel and Sara Shelton Mann, amongst others. She is a founding member of Augustine Collective and an independent teacher and choreographer, performing and sharing her work across the globe.

Alongside and interwoven with the dance and somatics world, she is also involved in Peace Activism & Artivism in Palestine~Israel.