Flor Buzzo



Flow Force: Integrity, Adaptability, Recycling Forces

How to approach acrobatics or movement from soft strength?

We will investigate the efficiency and sensitive intelligence that exists in the adaptability of the body to flow, integrating change and the way of relating, making the most of these forces of movement that move through our body, “recycling” them, that is, we will study the intelligence of the integrity of the body dancing in the face of changes, learning to use them to its advantage.

We will observe how gravity relates to our skeleton and our fascia tensegrically, and our ability to respond and relate to it from will and surrender, seeing how the power of dynamics exists in the integration of opposites.

We observe movement as the body-mind-energy relationship. We will work with somatic practice tools, addressing concepts of biotensegrity, the anatomy of movement and internal martial arts, to approach improvisation and acrobatics from a strong but soft and open body.


Born in Buenos Aires (AR), since her adolescence she begins her studies in Aikido, acrobatics, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance and Internal Martial Arts.

Trained in the Circus and Performing Arts degree at the U.N.S.A.M. (Argentina). She pursues her second professional career at the Centre des Arts du Cirque Ésacto’Lido (Toulouse, France). At the same time, she studies BMC (Body-Mind Centering®️), Internal Martial Arts, Anatomy of Movement, Nervous System and Neuroscience.

In the following years, she collaborated with various directors and choreographers in addition to working as co-creator in various shows, companies and festivals in South America and Europe.

In 2017, she creates Flow Force to give a name to the research she has been delving into with the body, and of which she is currently a teacher in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, India, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.