Leonardo Lambruschini



Touching the unknown

We will explore different qualities of attention in the experience of touch, and how these relate to movement and space in the search for an authentic experience. We will also use different qualities of touch to inspire new options of movement.

We will set out to investigate solo, duo, trio and group playing, as well as cultivate moments of uncertainty as a resource that will allow us to continue our journey, venturing between the “known” and the “unknown” with dance, in that zone where creativity resides.

We will try to experience the feeling of disorientation of the perception of space, time and speed of movement.

My goal is to awaken and integrate in dance: determination and letting go, holding on and going with the flow, fullness and emptiness, proximity and distance.

We will take the time to open spaces to the unknown, where the senses can surrender to the mystery of life. Through conscious contact with the Earth, we will bring our attention to a multidimensional space.

Be prepared to wait, to get lost, to leave, to start something new.


Performance artist and CI and ContaKids teacher. Artistic Director of Spazio Seme. CI international events organizer.

Contact, trust and movement are the central fulcrum around which I develop didactic and research, both for adults and children. Above all, trust in the present moment as a source of inspiration and meaning.

I am attracted to places and contexts where various art forms meet, communicate and create something new, which transcends languages and differences.

I am co-founder and artistic director of Spazio Seme – International Artistic Center in Arezzo (Tuscany, IT), a place where we create opportunities to research, design, teach and manage festivals, intensive workshops, shows, artistic productions and international residencies (www.spazioseme.com).

I conceive and conduct classes for children (ContaKids, PlayContact). I teach CI for adults and university students, in Italy and abroad. I feel intensely attracted to nature and the expansive dimension of travelling.

I have taught at festivals and carried out intensive workshops in India, France, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. I have been one of the organizers of the Italy Contact Fest for the last 10 years (Contact Improvisation International Dance Festival). I am also the Artistic Director of the International Dance and Music Residential Program “Moving Environment” in collaboration with Southern Utah University (USA). Over the past 15 years I’ve participated in numerous performances with other artists, continuing my research on improvisation and instant composition, and produced theater/dance shows/performances.