Linda Bufali




In this workshop we will dance in contact with each other, the floor and gravity: building blocks of Contact Improvisation.

We will be astonished that we can be permeable to any stimulus, so much so that we become a channel for movement that travels from us to the other, from us to the floor and from us to the space.

The concept of permeability reverses the paradigm of doing and controlling with that of letting it happen, which does not mean not doing; on the contrary, it means continually choosing to be permeable and then reacting.

We will take the time to take in the stimuli. A fragment of precious time in which, in my experience, improvisation can emerge. More concretely, I’ll propose movement experiences that help to acquire a quality and listening that open the dancer to the present and to letting in.

We’ll build channels of connection in the skin, bones and thoughts.

There will also be short speaking circles to continually integrate and nurture the process as well as exercises and games that will be developed according to the structure that Nancy Stark Smith called “Simple-complex-simple”.


I met CI in 1998 during a physical theatre course. I was fascinated by it and began a long learning process that continues to this day.

Since 2008 I have been teaching in many Italian communities (Italy Contact Festival) and abroad (Madrid, Lleida, Alcoi, Basque Country, Cologne, Israeli Contact Festival, Ukraina Contact Festival, Barcelona Contact Festival, Asturias Contact Festival, In Touch Barcelona).

Teaching means to me feeding my own research and satisfying the need to contribute to and support that of others.

I conceived and organised events with the desire to spread CI as much as possible (Italy Contact Camp and CicloNomade) because I believe it is an extraordinary, powerful and healthy Revolution that starts from us, from our bodies.

Personally, I experience CI as the best way I have in this life to meet someone outside of social compromises, to meditate and keep the urge to move alive. Life is movement, moving in two accelerates awareness.

Today I am 45 years old, a mother of two children aged 25 and 3. I am also a grandmother of a one-year-old boy.

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