Marta Iucci



Less is more: Moments of awakening with Feldenkrais

During the morning sessions on awareness through movement we will go deep on the feeling of how we move. We will use exploratory movements and guided attention to evoke new neuromuscular patterns so as to improve coordination, flexibility, concentration as well as to reduce pain and tension.

We are used to striving to obtain results (no pain, no gain!), and we forget about observing the quality of our movement. Sometimes we even assume that we should feel pain. The costs of exercise and even everyday movement without awareness range from simply not enjoying it, to not reaching our full potential or having minor or serious injuries.

These sessions, subtle and powerful, focus on the “how” of movement, so that we can learn to coordinate our entire Being more efficiently and pleasurably in everything we do.

These sessions will also be precious moments of integration of all the dances and the retreat process.


Passionate dancer, researcher and teacher of the Feldenkrais Method since 2011 and Contact Improvisation (CI). I studied in Rome, my city of origin, from 2007 to 2011.

I like to consider myself an endless student and think of learning as our infinite potential as human beings. Feeling in order to remain fully alive and in a state of presence.

My main inspiration and teacher at CI is Nita Little. I have also been lucky enough to study with Nancy Stark Smith in Italy and to have been organising workshops for Ray Chung and Martin Keogh at Spazio Nu in Pontedera (IT), a space I have been collaborating with for 9 years.

From 2016 to 2019 I collaborated with Asaf Bachrach, Matthieu Gaudeau and Ema Bige on the project “F.A.R.” in Paris (Feldenkrais, Alexander and Rolfing in CI).

I currently live in Italy (Tuscany), where I opened my Feldenkrais studio and teach regular CI classes in Pisa and Livorno… as well as teaching in many other places!