Marta Wrzesińska



On Recycling, Impulses and Garments: Discovering Inertia

The proposal of this session is to find inertia, follow the flow of movement and take advantage of it to continue the dance, recycling the energy that has been generated through an impulse.

We will focus on fine-tuning listening when receiving direction. At the same time, we will explore how to be precise when offering an impulse to a body, both in stillness and in movement.

Next, we will seek to start a dialogue, managing the rhythm and space, the intensity of the impulses and the direction that each body takes in a shared space.


Contact Improvisation (CI) dancer, teacher, passionate about improvisation in dance, contemporary dance, somatic methods, martial arts and movement as a means of expression and personal growth.

She trained in contemporary dance with Iris Muñoz, Michalle Mann, Leonardo Robayo. In CI with Cristiane Boullosa, Katja Mustonen, Linda Bufali, Martin Keough, Mirva Mäkinen, Urs Stauffer, Dani and Eckhi, Sebastian Flegiel, among others. She learns Integrative Body Process (PCI) in In Corpore School with Antonio del Olmo.

With different companies she continues to investigate the CI technique, multidisciplinary improvisation, videodance and performance. Over the years, she collaborates with several artists both in Poland and Spain, including: Perros de Otra Vida, Sharon Fridman, leOma, Teatro Biuro Podrozy, Alter Ego and Proyecto Open Spaces.

As a CI facilitator she has worked in different countries: India, Canada, Portugal, Poland and Spain. Nowadays, she lives in Madrid and combines her artistic interest with her work as a teacher and organiser of events related to CI. Co-organizer of the Reunión festival and Mediterránea Contact Festival.