Martin Piliponsky



An Experience through the Architectures of the Body and Space

Space makes us adaptable, it gives us the opportunity to change, to transform energy into movement, matter into evolution; it is the body that allows us to transcend and dance a clear manifestation of that state.

The work seeks to awaken, warm and empower our senses through simple exercises of spatial connection. Leaving and descending to the ground to train the connection of our center with the periphery. Group dynamics to keep us alert. We will focus on the use of the hands to spatially write our movement, as well as the spine as the motor for displacement and the feet as the support and contact with the Earth.

Breathing as our vital internal-spatial connection with others and with space. The recognition of weight and by consequence the force of gravity. We will practice ways of using touch and at the same time being touched. We will seek a deep listening within ourselves and with the other participants. We will focus on the internal gaze seeking to soften any tension, discomfort and blockage; to move, improvise freely and create scores of physical thought in groups, trios, duets and solos.


Architect, dancer and teacher of improvisation born in 1980 in Tucuman, Argentina. He has studied independently between the USA, Europe and Argentina. From 2004 to 2012 he lived in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2012 his base has been in Buenos Aires. In the last decade he has toured South, North and Central America and a large part of Europe, Africa and Asia, teaching improvisation and dancing in various festivals and international stages.

He has received the Tanz Atelier and DanceWEB scholarships in Austria. The support of the Metropolitan Funds of Arts and Sciences (2013, 2015, 2017 and 2020) and the subsidy of Iberescena (2014) and ProDanza (2016) for the realization of independent projects.

He is currently collaborating artistically with the English teacher and dancer Kirstie Simson and the North American dancer Elia Mark. He has created his own works both in solo and group. Sutil (Argentina), The Feeling of the Atmosphere (China) and From Togetherness (India) are his latest works.

Blending his background in architecture and dance, Martin teaches how the possibilities of spaces in which we live can transform dance and life itself. Sustained by a practice in deep listening to oneself and the environment that contains us, he shares his knowledge through teaching and performance to students and audiences all over the world.

Hool (29′ / Film de Isaac Zambra / Contraseña: sensotramas)