Otto Akkanen



Pooling and Floating / Weight of Water

Pooling and Floating

We are organised water, in a way.
Water flows down, unless held, pool, bowl.
Weight works the same way.

Kind of.

We will explore the lightness of floating, the pooling of weight onto the support.
The balance.
And found


Weight of water

I’m watching a river, streams hitting the rocks, swirling, going against itself.
I’m watching a wave, travelling through the mass. What is a wave?

Fascinated by currents, swirling forces, waves and knowing that we are at least 70% water. What is it to be organised water, a wave of sorts? How do we organise ourselves, being fluid and yet, supportive? How can we build up things by going against, not going with?

I hope you are ready to search for the answers for yourself, and I hope we have a lot of fun on our search for answers.

(Title taken from this song by Low)


Otto Akkanen (Helsinki) is a dancer, body worker and osteopath in training. Otto has danced Improvisation and Contact Improvisation for more than 20 years, taught CI for over 14 years and finds it still hugely interesting and inspiring.

He holds a BA in Social Work (2001), a dance diploma from Outokumpu (2006) and a MA in Contemporary Dance Education from Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Frankfurt (2015).