Sergio Palomares



Presence in Subtlety

Lately I have been increasingly interested in the exploration of the subtlest and smallest, the study and training of attention and its relationship with intention.

I am interested in observing how the different dynamics and qualities that arise in each gesture and in each dance rest on certain psychophysical states, being the starting point in which “technique” appears at the service of improvisation.

In my classes I like to propose different metaphors that awaken the imagery to support the exploration and practice of certain technical principles. During the sessions my intention is to guide the group towards a dramaturgy where to travel and experience different states, which awaken and prepare the body-mind for dance and improvisation, in the encounter with oneself, gravity and others.

How to find the greatest softness in the most extreme, the greatest presence in the most subtle?


I am a multidisciplinary artist who is passionate about the arts of movement. Both from an artistic and pedagogical point of view, I am interested in integrating different languages ​​of movement such as acrobatics, dance and Contact Improvisation (CI).

Since childhood, I have practised martial arts (taekwondo, capoeira and aikido) and, as a teenager, I began training in trampoline gymnastics, later focusing on circus and the discipline of acrobatic portés. From that moment on, I came into contact with contemporary dance, theatre and performance, being improvisation and CI what would finally captivate me and what I would dedicate myself to studying in depth.

I have been a circus acrobatics teacher since 2012 and CI since 2015.
In 2016, I embark on a journey to learn and experience how CI is lived in different communities and regions around the world, which leads me to travel, learn and dance in different countries in Europe, America and Asia.

In 2019, I facilitate a module in CI in the 1st Course of Elcirca (Latin American School of Contemporary Circus of Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico), where I combine the language of CI and different circus disciplines.

In January 2020, I attend the CI January Workshop taught by Nancy Stark Smith.

In 2022, I complete a Postgraduate Degree in Performing Arts and Education at the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona.

In recent years I have been more and more inspired, both in my dance and in my pedagogy, by somatic perspectives towards movement. Starting from anatomical and physiological knowledge, as well as from different methodologies, I delve into the search and experience of natural, organic and healthy movement patterns, to apply them in movement in general and in the learning and exploration of more intense and physically demanding dynamics.