alba raventós

co-founder and co-director

Somatic Educator, Performer in Movement Arts, Trainer.

Alba Raventós is born in Tarragona. There she graduates in Occupational Therapy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2008 – 2011), completes a Postgraduate Degree in Integrative Body Work at the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) in 2013, and, right after that, a training in Basal Stimulation® (BMC®) (2013 – 2014). Subsequently, she graduates as a Somatic Educator in Body Mind Centering® in Germany in 2016.

That same year, together with Uma Maraval and Marina Fernández de Haro, she founds the Ara En Moviment association, where the first international festival for the arts of movement (Barcelona New Year Dance Festival) is organized. In 2017 the first edition of the summer festival (Barcelona Dance in Summer) is presented. Both events are held annually to date.

Since the early stages of the association, together with Uma Maraval and Adrià Sonet, she facilitates the residential training program, co-financed by Erasmus+, focused in somatic practices, movement and dance for educators who work with groups of adults and youngsters. To date, it has been held in Catalonia and in various European countries (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia and France).

As a member of Colectivo Deria Rectificadora, she co-creates the piece Topless America (2017), a performance with a poetic-feminist spirit, shown at L’Estruch, Antic Teatre, Soma, Contemporanis de la Barceloneta, Asturias Contact Festival and MoveFest (Slovakia).

From a very young age, she explores and studies voice in lyrical choirs and as a soloist. In 2021 she creates El Timo, a piece which integrates performance and thought, a hybrid reflection on culture, history and the body, where she combines song, philosophy and movement.

Nowadays, she continues to explore body and dance in laboratories and creation processes, as well as intensives on Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance, while working as a Body Mind Centering® teacher, offering intensive courses and classes on a weekly basis.